• 66% of software is released late and over budget. Developers can spend up to 50% of their efforts during a sprint being stuck on an issue or searching and testing libraries. We are solving that.

    Automated task capture

    Relax and let us integrate with Jira, Pivotal and other project management tools

    Add your task manually or connect with your favorite project management tool in 30 seconds to automate the flow and make your life even easier. We will analyze your task and understand what you are working on.

    We find the right helper for your task

    15 minutes with an expert can save you 15 hours or more!

    Never get stuck on an issue again and never recreate the wheel, we will put you in touch with a colleague who has done it before. With our knowledge graph, we pre-emptively find other developers within your team or your community that could assist via a quick chat if you encounter any problems with your task.

    We find the right library in 5 sec

    Don't spent days googling for open source code!

    Based on your task and stack, you will get relevant examples or libraries to get you started quickly and increase your productivity. We pre-emptively find the best open source library or code snippet by integrating with APIs from Github, Stack Overflow, Gitlab and even internal repositories when possible.

    Keep your code private

    Our advantage over other tools: We analyze your task, not your code!

    Your code will never be shared, analyzed or downloaded, we only work with tasks and user stories.