• tenets of the future

    Post-AI automation, humankind will be far from obsolete!

    Socio-economic impact of AI automation

    With an army of AI agents, humans can become the maestro of their destiny!

    Whatever humans will be doing, they will need tools to create, communicate with one another and fulfill their destiny. Human productivity will increase a thousand fold through cognitive-enhancing AI technologies. These technologies will be an extension to people's mind and remain individual shareable assets within a collective decentralized community.

    Decentralized AI for Language Processing

    For as long as there will be humans… there will be language!

    Humans have unchallenged conversational skills compared to artificial intelligence, but AI can enhance the speed and quality of our communication. We need a decentralized infrastructure to support these services.

    Crypto-economics and tokenomics

    Knowledge belong to the people!

    The trend in data privacy, cryptography and decentralization will make it possible to transfer the economic power to the people away from corporate monopolies. Blockchain and other decentralized technologies will be a major role in shaping this future. Humans and AI alike will be compensated for their role in the collective community through tokenomics for behavior reinforcement thanks to a consensus system.

    Just-In Time Knowledge

    Humankind has access to an unparalleled quantity of collective knowledge... the next step is in processing and using that knowledge!

    Augmented reality technologies will completely democratize the dissemination, access and utilization of knowledge in the workplace as well as in our daily lives. This layer of knowledge will sit in the hand of the people away from corporate ownership, such that it will follow you throughout your career, possibly even be part of your heritage.